Dave O'Dea

Software developer

Galway, Ireland

Currently expanding my skillset with Code Institute .

experience {

[+] A short listing of some my previous positions ...

# Apple International

## Tier 1 Technical support

Ensured delivery of exceptional support to our customers. Operated in a fast-paced, detail oriented environment.
Interacted with my team on a daily basis to meet our performance based metrics.

# Self employed

## Web developer

Design, development and deployment of projects for clients.


education {

[+] Things I've learned along the way ...

# Code Institute - Full stack, Software development.

## January 2018 => present

# Free Code Camp.org - Front-end, back-end and data visualisation

## 2017 => present

# NUI Galway - B.Sc. Computer Science

## 2015 => 2019


projects {

[+] Previous projects I have worked on ...

# Synapse Tech carnival, Event organiser/Team Lead

## 2014 => October 2017

Managed all aspects of the event’s operations such logistics, facilities management, scheduling, marketing, PR and team operations. Responsible for attracting and enrolling companies for the event.
raised sponsorship funding from multinational companies and SME’s as well as NUI Galway.
Successfully grew the event from an initial year of approximately 300 visitors and a dozen companies, to the latest event seeing more than 3,000 visitors and over 30 companies exhibiting.
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# Web App for JFF (Junior Film Fleadh)

## 2017

Built a web application for the Junior Film Fleadh in Galway. Developed using MeteorJS, MongoDB.
Deployed to Heroku with CI/CD from Travis CI.
View the open source code =>

# Musician's website

## 2017

Designed and developed a custom built website for singer songwriter, Graham Sweeney.
View GrahamSweeney.ie =>


posts {

[+] Some articles/posts I have published ...

# "Git — commands you need to git going!"

## 2018

An article covering the basics of GIT workflow for developers.
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# "Create, setup and deploy to your own cloud web server."

## 2017

A multi-part guide to hosting a web server/vps.
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# “I want to be a Developer and build something amazing !” — Why?

## 2017

As a mature student, I recently returned to University to study CS and also started learning to code online. All after deciding to leave my previous career and make a serious change.
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"Do things which are hard enough to make you fail."